• Top 10 Foods for Your Heart

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    1.73 million`, Yes, that`s the number of people dying every year due to cardiovascular diseases, one of the world’s largest killers. Sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity has increased the risk of heart diseases in multiples.

    What adds to the risk factor are the unhealthy eating habits that have more or less become a part and parcel of the fast-paced lifestyle. As we try to cope with the express world, we tend to become more and more ignorant about what we eat and when we eat.
    To help you out get the required nutrients in the day long run, here are a few food items which you must have to keep your heart beating…

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  • Why worries put you at a greater risk of dementia: Anxious people are one and a half times more likely to develop condition

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    Studies have found that there exists a direct link between individuals who suffer from anxiety and dementia itself. Research was conducted in one thousand and eighty two twins, some identical among others not and it also was completed spanning a twenty eight year period of time. The analysis indicated that people that have high levels of anxiety were very likely to have to deal with cognitive decline aka dementia.

    This decline is directly connected to the elevated stress levels hormones which is often highly damaging and the anxiety-dementia connection was found to be stronger in fraternal twins. There is a one and a half higher percentage rate that those with anxiety will more than likely develop some type of dementia. The actual statistic is the fact someone being affected by anxiety features a forty eight percent higher risk from the cognitive decline sooner or later in their life.

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  • Horror movies really do curdle the blood - and could be bad for health, warn scientists

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    Fear is not only some abstract concept, this is a natural response to prepare our bodies for possible blood loss as you might sustain if attacked by a tiger or Freddy Kruger, for instance.

    Dutch researchers have been researching the psychosomatic response as it has proven beneficial in debilitating situations.

    The final results, horror flicks are by every concise explanation of the expression a ?blood-curdling? experience, and will not be great for the health. A report showed a boost on Factor VIII, a blood clotting protein, contained in the blood during viewings of movies designed to excite fear inside the viewers.

    This research was presented within the Christmas edition of BMJ in an article that suggests while using term ?blood-curdling? to clarify a lapse of fear and high anxiety would not an exaggeration.


    Dr. Banne Nemeth working at the Leiden University Medical Center said, "We have conducted research and found that watching these "blood curdling" movies is assigned to a rise in a blood coagulant known as Factor VIII". 

    "But you will find clinical implications to this particular. It is extremely likely that specific flicks can increase the blood clot quantity of the blood up to a fifth."

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  • Shocking: Average Person Has 20 Pounds Of Toxins Packed In Their Intestines

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    Are you in need of a natural colon cleanse?  Your intestinal tract is 25-30 feet long and its surface area is as large as a tennis court.  By the time the average person is 40 years old, she or he might have 10 to 20 pounds of compacted, hard fecal material lodged inside their intestinal tract.  The lifeline to enjoying good health is your digestive system.  Every day approximately 2 1/2 gallons of bodily secretions, liquids and food are processed by your body.  The demands and stresses of modern living over time can start running your body down gradually and make your life completely miserable. 

    A digestive system that is unhealthy is impacted with toxins and mucus. A wide array of health issues can be triggered by impacted waste, including:

    • Occasional Constipation
    • Weight Problems
    • Weak Immune System
    • Lack of Energy
    • Diarrhea
    • Body Odor
    • Bad Breath
    • Poor Appetite
    • Headaches
    • Back Pain
    • Mood Swings
    • Bloating

          If you are suffering from any of those symptoms, it might be necessary for you to get rid of fecal mucus deposits inside your intestines as well as other parasites.

          Only around 40 to 50 cm of your colon is cleaned when a small enema is used. An intestinal washing treatment that makes use of special equipment is normally protracted, too expensive for most people, and unsafe for intestinal micro flora.

          However, things don't need to be that way.  Several different colon cleansing method are available.  The following are two effective natural colon cleanse methods: 

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        • A Midday Nap Could Reduce Your Blood Pressure

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          Sleeping Woman


          Here's some news that nap enthusiasts definitely won't get tired of. It turns out that a daily snooze is associated with reduced blood pressure and, even more significantly, may decrease the risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular events. 

          The results were presented at the European Society of Cardiology annual conference in London. The observational study examined nearly 400 middle-aged men and women with hypertension, a condition where blood pressure is constantly abnormally high.

          The study showed that midday sleepers ...

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