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Studies have found that there exists a direct link between individuals who suffer from anxiety and dementia itself. Research was conducted in one thousand and eighty two twins, some identical among others not and it also was completed spanning a twenty eight year period of time. The analysis indicated that people that have high levels of anxiety were very likely to have to deal with cognitive decline aka dementia.

This decline is directly connected to the elevated stress levels hormones which is often highly damaging and the anxiety-dementia connection was found to be stronger in fraternal twins. There is a one and a half higher percentage rate that those with anxiety will more than likely develop some type of dementia. The actual statistic is the fact someone being affected by anxiety features a forty eight percent higher risk from the cognitive decline sooner or later in their life.

There has been other research conducted which includes directly linked dementia with other psychological issues such as neuroticism and depression although the twenty eight year study in the variety of Swedish twins both identical and nonidentical was the first one to, after every list of twins spanning a three year span underwent testing, questioning in addition to dementia screening that the is actually a direct link between anxiety and depression.

Dr. Andrew Petkus, psychologist in the University of Southern California stated the subsequent: "There has become less studies done on adults with anxiety in comparison to those done on depression, although there is more evidence of adulthood depression it can be generally episodic and anxiety is more of any life long chronic condition. This is why many people view anxiety as being a character trait not really a medical condition".

During the research it was actually noted how the subjects had actually expressed that they can handled varying levels of anxiety some of which could possibly be considered on the brink of a psychiatric anxiety. It absolutely was however observed that it was the twin who had reported the bigger degrees of past anxiety who developed dementia and never other.

Margaret Gatz, study co-author plus a professor specialising in psychology at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences stated that: "Those who had experienced high quantities of anxiety were the subjects who later developed dementia". Professor Gatz who also teaches at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden proceeded to spell out: "These people operated off of high degrees of anxiety and were susceptible to frantic and frazzled behavior, they even can had a propensity to fidget".

Once he was able to compare our prime anxiety against the low anxiety groups Dr. Petkus from Dornsife College stated: "The subjects from the high anxiety category experienced a one point five higher risk of developing dementia". Among the finest explanations of why this takes place is a result of elevated stress levels hormones including cortisol which while in high amounts can damage various regions of the mind including the hippocampus which is the area accountable for memory storage or the frontal cortex which assists in high degrees of thoughts.

28 year old demetia study

Extensive: 1,082 identical and non identical twins were studied during the 28-year dementia study (file photo)

A report that has been published online from the Alzheimer's and Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association stated how the connection between anxiety and dementia was reflected more in fraternal twins only one that developed dementia than it was actually within the identical twins group. Researches in this particular study figured that their may in fact be genetic factors in the risk for anxiety-dementia.

The USC team is now thinking about whether or not individuals with anxiety who may have undergone treatment in early stages have reached a cheaper risk for developing dementia compared to those who underwent treatment in the later many years of their lives.



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