• Why worries put you at a greater risk of dementia: Anxious people are one and a half times more likely to develop condition

    Posted by G. Monet



    Studies have found that there exists a direct link between individuals who suffer from anxiety and dementia itself. Research was conducted in one thousand and eighty two twins, some identical among others not and it also was completed spanning a twenty eight year period of time. The analysis indicated that people that have high levels of anxiety were very likely to have to deal with cognitive decline aka dementia.

    This decline is directly connected to the elevated stress levels hormones which is often highly damaging and the anxiety-dementia connection was found to be stronger in fraternal twins. There is a one and a half higher percentage rate that those with anxiety will more than likely develop some type of dementia. The actual statistic is the fact someone being affected by anxiety features a forty eight percent higher risk from the cognitive decline sooner or later in their life.

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