• Shocking: Average Person Has 20 Pounds Of Toxins Packed In Their Intestines

    Posted by G. Monet



    Are you in need of a natural colon cleanse?  Your intestinal tract is 25-30 feet long and its surface area is as large as a tennis court.  By the time the average person is 40 years old, she or he might have 10 to 20 pounds of compacted, hard fecal material lodged inside their intestinal tract.  The lifeline to enjoying good health is your digestive system.  Every day approximately 2 1/2 gallons of bodily secretions, liquids and food are processed by your body.  The demands and stresses of modern living over time can start running your body down gradually and make your life completely miserable. 

    A digestive system that is unhealthy is impacted with toxins and mucus. A wide array of health issues can be triggered by impacted waste, including:

    • Occasional Constipation
    • Weight Problems
    • Weak Immune System
    • Lack of Energy
    • Diarrhea
    • Body Odor
    • Bad Breath
    • Poor Appetite
    • Headaches
    • Back Pain
    • Mood Swings
    • Bloating

          If you are suffering from any of those symptoms, it might be necessary for you to get rid of fecal mucus deposits inside your intestines as well as other parasites.

          Only around 40 to 50 cm of your colon is cleaned when a small enema is used. An intestinal washing treatment that makes use of special equipment is normally protracted, too expensive for most people, and unsafe for intestinal micro flora.

          However, things don't need to be that way.  Several different colon cleansing method are available.  The following are two effective natural colon cleanse methods: 

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